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EXCLUSIVE Outdoor Tiles, is a collective of 2 companies. All companies have built their business with the same starting point. The customer is king and in this way we would like to profile ourselves. Boos Dakbestrating & Dandy Bathrooms Amsterdam.

Create a landscape on a high level. To live, work, recreate or park. That is what Exclusive Outdoor Tiles does. And we have been doing that for years. Based on our specialism and experience, we know how to make smart use of the space on roofs or balconies and to make them an indispensable part of the living environment. We realize sustainable and multifunctional roofs.

This is exactly what we will do more in the coming years. H2O/Sustainable / Roofs. We create more value by using the flat roof. By adding extra functions to your roof or balcony, it delivers more quality of life. The city and living in it is more pleasant with an outdoor space. Upper floors of shopping centers are more interesting for rental with a parking roof. A distribution center is safer if employees park on the roof. The attractiveness of a business building is greater with a roof terrace so that staff can pleasantly enjoy the outdoors during their lunch break. The mutual contact is better with a shared roof garden.

Using the roof or balcony is not only useful and fun, it is also necessary. We face major challenges in the coming years due to climate change, population growth and urbanization. Where should the rainwater go? Where should all people live? The roof just asks for it to be used. It requires more investment, but it delivers so much. Being on a roof or balcony is really an experience. Only a great view is already an added value and quality for life!

There is a solution for every roof and balcony. From small roof terraces to complete living and parking roofs, or very special solutions for special buildings. We unburden the client by thinking about the correct implementation of the roof, by developing customized products and ensuring the entire execution.


We have the solution for you to install ceramic tiles without gluing on your balcony or roof terrace. We only work with separate switchable systems, so that the balcony or roof construction will never be affected. Depending on the surface on which the tiles will be laid, we have the following solutions:

• No flat surface: 2cm tiles on adjustable tile supports
• Flat surface: 1cm tiles in plastic carrier mats (ITS system)

You can choose to install it yourself, but we are also at your service to install these materials for you. We offer excellent and professional service and with our flexible working hours we can often turn your terrace, roof terrace or balcony into a lovely place where you want to spend many hours in the evening or on weekends.

If you doubt about the surface of your terrace or balcony, please contact us first. Exclusive Outdoor Tiles will treat all your questions or a detailed quotation carefully and quickly. You can expect an answer from us within 24 hours in your mailbox.

• No scratches
• No stains
• Keeps its colour
• Easy to keep clean & maintain
• Sustainable & durable
• Natural look
• Inside the same tiles as outside
• Easy to install
• Anti-slip
• Maintenance free
• Frost-resistant

All ceramic tiles that we use are produced in Italy or Spain, frost and acid resistant, anti-slip, easy to clean and dry, indestructible and have a significant percentage of recycled product as raw material.

If you have any questions, would you like to receive a quotation or more information, please feel free to contact us. Or visit us in our showroom where you can view the roof terrace & balcony garden and the various tile samples, colors and sizes.

T: 020- 341 54 19
E: info@exclusiveoutdoortiles.nl