Dandy Bathrooms



At Dandy Bathrooms Amsterdam we are not afraid to stock special products or unusual materials. Even though our 140m2 showroom is quite small, we have a wide range of products. We present a diverse collection that includes unexpected designs.

Natural stone

We have been importing first-class natural stone slabs from around the world for many years now. Dandy Bathrooms Amsterdam created an extensive network of suppliers which enables us to select materials directly from quaries all around the world.

Mosaics & ceramics

We offer a vast selection of ceramic tiles and mosaics that will add beauty to your home. Thanks to our exclusive relationships with select suppliers from around the world, you will discover stunning surfaces you won't find anywhere else.

Bath vanity & cabinets

If the bath vanity and cabinets are the building blocks of your bath, bathroom accessories breathe life into it. Whether updating an existing bathroom or designing a brand new space, you'll find all the pieces to complete your bathroom at Dandy Bathrooms Amsterdam.

Outdoor Tiles

Terrace and balcony tiles determine the appearance of your terrace to a large extent. It is therefore important that these tiles are chosen with care. Terrace and balcony tiles are available in various types, sizes and colors. Nowadays it is even possible that the tiles, which were chosen for decorating your home, have an outdoor variant in the same color and size. The outdoor variant is thicker than the one which is used indoors. The roof tiles not only provide a beautiful roof terrace, they also protect the underlying layer against weather influences.

In our showroom we have a wide range of outdoor tiles. We can set up a meeting to become acquinted with our comaker, who executes the installation of the tiles.


Bathroom design is only complete when all the sanitary fittings and other fixtures are in place. When it comes to styles and types in these - sky is the limit! Bathroom fixtures make up the majority of a washroom or powder room's contents. Between the big items, like showers, bathtubs, sinks and toilets, and the smaller components, like sink faucets and tub faucets, you've practically got a complete space. Because they have such a huge impact on the function and style of the room, it's important to have good quality bathroom fixtures that will last long and be low-maintenance. The larger components may set you back a bit in terms of cost, but having a reliable sink or toilet when you need it most is worth the investment (plus newer models can even help conserve water!) If you're looking for a quicker fix to re-style your room, change out the bathroom faucets and other bathroom hardware, and try out some new linens or decor. Luckily, bathroom fixture trends tend to stick around for a long time, so focus on finding pieces that meet your functional needs, and the styling will fall into place after.


Personalise your bathroom with our gorgeous and on-trend decorative accessories. Our candles and home fragrances will add a welcoming scent to your bathroom and home. Add the perfect finishing touch to any bathroom interior with our selection of bathroom accessories. Discover luxurious accessories to enhance the feel of any bathroom or living space, from designer toilet brush and home fragrance to decorative towels and mirrors. Perfect for infusing any bathroom interior with a breath of fresh air, our vast range of luxurious furnishings have the power to turn a house into a home and allow you to totally personalize a space.


If you have questions concerning the maintenance process e.g. how to clean the tiles, mosaic, natural stone and sanitary items the right way? Please contact us.

Glue & Grout

If you have question concerning the use of the right glue or grout during the process of installing the tiles, mosaic and natural stone, please contact us. We can recommend you which glue fits what type of product. Every tile, mosaic or natural stone needs a specific type of glue.

Installing advise

If you have any questions concerning the process of how to install the sanitary items, tiles, mosaic and natural stone, please contact us. We will be there for you!