Studio Dandy Bathrooms

by Carolien

If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it
then I can achieve it!


A good bathroom design is never a standard one. Each interior has its own user preferences. And each client has his own unique desires and needs. Studio Dandy Bathrooms Amsterdam therefore approaches every assignment open minded. This is how we achieve the best design for our clients. For Studio Dandy Bathrooms Amsterdam, the bathroom design and its realization is a combined approach. The final result of a bathroom is also determined by the design as well as the quality of execution and chosen products and materials. With attention and care, design and execution will strengthen each other, to ensure that we continuously be involved in our projects from start to finish.


This is the starting point or the basis of Dandy Stylish, Dandy Chique, Dandy Luxury, Dandy Excellent, packages.

We get to know each other and discuss the rooms for which you are seeking advice. Together, we try to capture the atmosphere that appeals to you in words, discuss the possibilities and we map out the desired residential functions that you want to realize in the room. This is how we design the framework.

We establish the probable stages of the project you will involve Studio Dandy Bathrooms in.

Are you a contractor and you have no time to select materials or make a design with your client? Please feel free to contact us, we arrange this for you with love.

Dandy Consultation is free of charge and takes approximately 45 till 60 minutes. Explore our packages below.
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Carolien has a great passion for bathrooms and interiors. It all starts with getting to know my client and there property. My challenge is to elevate your wishes and needs to the ultimate level and come up with a concept design that meets your lifestyle. Unique and personal that is created especially for you.

Inspired by different cultures, travels, history and trends we trigger ourselves to make every project one-of-a-kind.